Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter weekend round-up

Happy belated Easter weekend to all! We spent the better part of the weekend in Georgetown, Guelph and Acton, Ontario visiting great friends and family. What a better way to spend the holiday! I got to spend lots of time with my newest little cousin, Kaden, who is now a whopping 9 months old and so much fun. Thanks to all who made my weekend spectacular. Love to all xoxo.

We also made a little side trip to Oakville because I wanted to visit their Whole Foods Market. What a beautiful store. We're getting on here in Ottawa in a few years. My review: Gorgeous and delicious food. The prepared food was so unbelievably appetizing it was hard to pick. Their cheese selection was superb as well. Lots of taste testing of products. However, you can find just about everything they sell already in Ottawa, you just may have to visit several stores to get it! Their dry goods could be mostly found at Loblaws in their Natural Value section. Good organic meats can be found at Farm Boy or Sasloves. And all the rest, including supplements, health and body care, and other dry goods can be found at great natural foods stores including Rainbow Foods and Natural Food Pantry. I will also note that their prices were more expensive than Loblaws pricing for the items that are carried there. Still a fun trip!

Today back to studying as my first course in my holistic nutrition program is wrapping up this week and I have two tests to study for. Back at it...

P.S. sorry for the lack of photos. I've got to get better at taking them. I've never been much of a photographer, but blogs without photos are boring, I know...


  1. We miss Whole Foods, but don't miss how it would break the bank when we shopped there.

  2. Agreed! I was walking down the aisles oohing and aahing, but thinking, I can get that at Loblaws for 4.99 instead of 5.99! So we only purchased a few special items including a low sugar bbq sauce that I've been looking for (they are hard to come by!)