Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The world is full of change

This is an overdue post. I wrote it mid-week last week but life got busy and I never got it posted. So pretend it really is May 3rd :)

What a busy few days...

1. I'm changing, by learning. Last week I completed my first course with my program at the Canada School for Natural Nutrition. I can sum it up in one word. Wow. This program is going to blow me away. So unbelievably interesting and fun. I loved every minute of it and look forward to more. I'll be taking one more course, just one full day in June, and then I'll be on a summer hiatus until mid-October. Can't wait to get back at it though.

2. Another change, another wow... our federal election. The conservative vote didn't surprise me that much, it was all the others! NDP with over 100 seats. The Liberals all but defeated. The separatist movement dead in Ottawa? And the Greens have a seat in parliament, ousting a conservative cabinet minister in the process. How is all that not a collective historic wow. The result is what it is. My leftist-self would have liked to have seen the Liberals pull through a in Ontario and hold the Conservatives to a minority again. I think there is a lot of be said for parties working together for the betterment of all Canadians as it puts all ideas/positions into discussion, at least. I only got one vote to make a change, and I used it.

3. This whole Osama thing is a bit weird. Karma, baby, karma.

That is all.

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