Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad day

Ever have one of those days where you look back on it and think, hmmm, maybe I should have just stayed in bed? Well that was yesterday for me.

With perspective today it could have been MUCH worse, but it was a heart-stopping day nevertheless.

At lunch, I was driving along to an appointment, and waiting at a red light in a double left-hand turning lane. When the light turned green, I proceeded to stay in my lane (the outer one) through the turn. However, the lady next to me (in the inside lane) thought differently and slowly started to creep into my territory, so much so that I had to brake, drive practically up on the sidewalk, all the while blowing my horn. Finally she just cut in front of me. Seriously?!

Later in the day, I was playing softball in the same league I've played in for about 5 years. I won't get into the specifics of how this came about because it doesn't matter and I know everyone felt really bad about it. But long story short, a ball was thrown at me and hit me on the side of the neck/head right behind my ear. Let me just say OUCH. Luckily, I never lost consciousness. After a 5-hour wait at the ER, a small cut behind my ear was glued up and I was on my way. The doctors were not concerned about a concussion due to the area where it hit (mostly the thick muscle that runs up the side of your neck and holds your head up) and I haven't yet had any symptoms of head trauma, for which I'm grateful.


So today I'm grateful for my health, my most amazing friends and family, and my Y for always being there for me.

Love to all.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Things are very Pinteresting

So maybe a month or so ago, I found Pinterest. And I'm in love.

I love idea boards and having a place to 'pin' things I find on the web in an organized way. Pinterest does all this for you. I've been 'pinning' some home decor inspiration, some books I want to read soon, as well as great recipe ideas (including gluten-free goodness). I live in a smaller house with limited storage so I'm obsessed with searching for fresh ideas on how to organize. I believe my bathroom will the be next room I tackle, following the success I had in my spare room/office.

Check it out! You either need to get invited from a friend (you can ask me, leave a comment) or wait a few days by requesting an invite on the site. Once you're in feel free to follow my feed. I've also added a link in the right-hand column.)

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Monday, July 11, 2011

My summer gardening project update

So a few weeks back, I was so excited about the prospect of having my own little oasis of herbs in my backyard this summer. A little update for you.

I've had mixed success. First I planted some cilantro and oregano in this massive pot. Each night after I planted the seeds, some little rascal outside dug them up. After 3-4 times, I was fairly convinced the seeds were gone. So I bought a cilantro starter plant while in the market one day. It is doing fabulously and is ready for harvesting. I have noticed that there are a few little sprouts coming up too around the cilantro. I'll have to wait to see if it turns out to be more cilantro or some oregano.

Next the mint. Never sprouted. So again I bought a starter plant in the market. It has grown a bunch as well. Can't wait to pick some of these beautifully delicious leaves!

Next is my parsley and summer savory. I should have likely started these seeds indoors a good month before I ended up planting them. But this was an experiment and I work by trial and error. Both are coming up slowly, hopefully I'll be able to pick some before the summer is over!


The basil, planted from seed is doing wonderfully. I'm going to transplant it into a bigger pot so it can spread out a bit more.

My two misses are my dill and my chives. I thought the chives would be easy, but I don't think the seeds germinated properly, same with the dill likely. Both had a couple little tiny sprouts at one point, but I think they died off, maybe due to either excessive rain or excessive heat we had in June here in Ottawa (you don't need a photo here, just picture a pot with nothing but soil in it).

So an OK effort. I'll have lots of "lessons learned" for next year!

On another gardening note, I came across this link recently. A city in Michigan is threatening jail time for a women who planted a garden in her front yard, with the hope that it would be a community project that neighbourhood kids could get involved in -- the city planning committee thinks differently. Utterly and completely ridiculous. Watch this video and see the utter and complete ridiculousness for yourself.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazing-town homemade blizzard

I came across this recipe a week or so ago. It's from Angela Liddon, who blogs at Oh She Glows about healthy living. She also creates tonnes of vegan recipes -- I've tried a few, not because I'm vegan, but because they are delicious, the no animal products is just a bonus in my opinion.

I recently made her Peanut Butter Chocolate Crunch "Blizzard" -- and well, here I am blogging about it because it was that good. I feel the need to spread the word further. Dairy Queen has nothing on this -- and it's also gluten-free, seriously it doesn't get better. Try it!

Source - Oh She Glows