Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bad day

Ever have one of those days where you look back on it and think, hmmm, maybe I should have just stayed in bed? Well that was yesterday for me.

With perspective today it could have been MUCH worse, but it was a heart-stopping day nevertheless.

At lunch, I was driving along to an appointment, and waiting at a red light in a double left-hand turning lane. When the light turned green, I proceeded to stay in my lane (the outer one) through the turn. However, the lady next to me (in the inside lane) thought differently and slowly started to creep into my territory, so much so that I had to brake, drive practically up on the sidewalk, all the while blowing my horn. Finally she just cut in front of me. Seriously?!

Later in the day, I was playing softball in the same league I've played in for about 5 years. I won't get into the specifics of how this came about because it doesn't matter and I know everyone felt really bad about it. But long story short, a ball was thrown at me and hit me on the side of the neck/head right behind my ear. Let me just say OUCH. Luckily, I never lost consciousness. After a 5-hour wait at the ER, a small cut behind my ear was glued up and I was on my way. The doctors were not concerned about a concussion due to the area where it hit (mostly the thick muscle that runs up the side of your neck and holds your head up) and I haven't yet had any symptoms of head trauma, for which I'm grateful.


So today I'm grateful for my health, my most amazing friends and family, and my Y for always being there for me.

Love to all.

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