Friday, August 12, 2011

Home, sweet home

I've been absent. But with good reason. Vacation! I was back home on PEI for about 9 days last week. Lots of fun, family, and food. I'm terrible at taking photos while on vacation but I took a few with my IPhone using the Instagram app. You see, I'm not very talented at taking photos, but this app makes even the worst photos look cool. Hence why it's perfect for me!

Here's a sampling of my beautiful island.

The beautiful approach on Air Canada's smallest plane, the Beech 1900
The summer patchwork
Victoria Row in Charlottetown
Birthplace of Confederation, Province House
Charlottetown has a Starbucks!
Anne, Anne, everywhere
Summerside (my hometown) boardwalk views
Summerside is funny
Spent lots of time here... cottage by the ocean. Nothing better.
There are tonnes of blueberry patches near the cottage. Dad picked about 2 litres in about 40 minutes. I could ate eaten 2 litres in 5 minutes if I wanted to.

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