Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Delicious" Recipes

Ok, ok, so I might be late to the party, but I'm sharing anyway, in case your tardiness is worse than mine.

I found something new. Well as I alluded to above, it's not new, it's been around for awhile and I had heard of it but never had a need for it. Until now. Taadaa...

I find a lot of my recipes online. In fact, as I blogged about earlier this week, I don't leave for the grocery store until I've picked out meals/recipes for the week. And it got me thinking... I have to rely a lot on my memory to find recipes to recall seeing recipes on Twitter or on Blogs I subscribe to. I had been adding "stars" to my Google Reader account, but after a while, there are a lot of stars, which are not well organized. I also had a lot of recipes simply bookmarked in my browser, but again no organization, no search capabilities.

And then an AHA moment. Bookmarking with tagging. It all makes sense now. And I am happy. I've entered a bunch of recipes I had marked in one way or another (Google Reader stars, browser bookmarks, and Pinterest) and I'll be adding to it. So feel free to check out what I've found. Perhaps before you head to the grocery store this weekend!


  1. Have you using coconut flour to make cookies? I've made a 2 batches now, and in both I found I didn't use as much flour as the recipe called for (of normal flour), and they turned out really dry and crumbly. Tasty, but not the right consistency.

  2. You can't really sub coconut flour for another kind of flour without altering the recipe substatially. Coconut flour needs tones and tonnes of liquid. I think I recently made a recipe that called for 1/4 cup of flour and 6 eggs! Thats likely why your cookies were dry. Try finding a recipe that called for coconut flour or add way more liquid to your recipe. I've only made cupcakes and muffins with coconut flour. Interested in your results with cookies, if you get a good one!

  3. hahahaha yes that sounds about right. Good to know, thanks. I'll keep you posted if I have any success. The cookies are very difficult to eat... like a dry crumbly powder that should taste good, but don't :(