Friday, July 15, 2011

Things are very Pinteresting

So maybe a month or so ago, I found Pinterest. And I'm in love.

I love idea boards and having a place to 'pin' things I find on the web in an organized way. Pinterest does all this for you. I've been 'pinning' some home decor inspiration, some books I want to read soon, as well as great recipe ideas (including gluten-free goodness). I live in a smaller house with limited storage so I'm obsessed with searching for fresh ideas on how to organize. I believe my bathroom will the be next room I tackle, following the success I had in my spare room/office.

Check it out! You either need to get invited from a friend (you can ask me, leave a comment) or wait a few days by requesting an invite on the site. Once you're in feel free to follow my feed. I've also added a link in the right-hand column.)

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