Friday, June 24, 2011

Organizing like my life depends on it

...because it does. Kinda. You see, my all-time best stress-reliever is tidying up and making sure everything has it's own place in my home, my office, my life! When I was a kid, I would clean and rearrange my bedroom every three months or so, so I could give new life to my belongings and re-organize everything.

Recently, I mentioned on my facebook feed that I was inspired to organize. You see, I found this little gem of a blog called IHeart Organizing and I just can't get enough. Such simple touches, to simple spaces to make them feel oh so much more pretty and organized. My dream... sigh...


So I'm on a mission. My first space to tackle is my spare bedroom/office, for me and others I'm sure, this room is the room I spend the least amount of time in and so it becomes the room for everything that doesn't fit in the other main rooms of the house. I took on the bookcase earlier this week with vigour and managed to give the books some order. Hopefully in doing so I made some extra room for my ever-growing collection of nutrition books for school.

My goal is to make the room feel welcoming and inviting, not a catch-all room. I want guests to feel like it is a bedroom that will be restful and I want it to feel like a place I can go to get some work done without having to jump over three things to get in the door.

We'll see how it turns out. I'll try to remember to take some before and afters so we can see together if I've achieved my goal.

I'm so excited (and such a nerd!).

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