Monday, June 27, 2011

Gluten-free: One month later

It was just about a month ago that I determined that I was what I'll call gluten-intolerant. So I've been living the gluten-free lifestyle for about four weeks or so now, more if you include the two- to three-week period that I was doing my elimination. So what have I learned?
  1. Brown rice pasta and noodles are delicious. I can't get enough and could eat it everyday.
  2. I miss toast with homemade jam on the weekends. Although I have a lead on a particular brand of gluten-free bread that might be good for toast.
  3. Gluten-free baking is easy and fun and makes you feel very creative.
  4. The internet is wonderful. While I do not have Celiac disease, it is more and more prevalent and there are so many lovely recipes and fantastic bloggers on the interwebs to keep me inspired.
  5. I miss a good sandwich. I will work on ways to reincorporate – I need to investigate gluten-free wraps.
  6. Best of all, I have learned that I feel fan-freakin-tastic! No more tummy pains, bloating, or gas for me!
Since January or so I have been eating real food, whole food, not packaged food, and along with some professional advice on adding some supplemental forms of vitamins and minerals I have never felt better. Pounds have literally melted off and my energy levels have soared. Eliminating gluten hasn't been a burden, but instead just one more small change that makes me feel fantastic.

And I for one will take feeling great over a slice of bread any day!


  1. Love it! Very inspiring! And I would like to hear more about your results - like # of pounds dropped. I am heading in the gluten-free direction and I need a little push to go all the way. Love your blog!


  2. I have a lot of Julie friends... Potter, is that you? I'm down about 25 pounds overall; however I wouldn't attribute that all to gluten-free, just overall healthy living!

  3. Hey Rae! I've been g-free since my Ottawa dwelling days and live is so much better! There are lots of good frozen g-free breads for toast, and making g-free bread and pizza dough is a sinch (Bob's Red Mill has a great pizza dough mix). I do miss a good sandwich or veggie wrap, but not more than loving how I feel when I'm not full of white, processed wheat (ouch ;-)
    Yay for G-free Girls!
    xo Heather