Monday, May 30, 2011

Gluten it is!

So for those following along on my elimination diet, you'll be happy to know that my culprit has been identified! Gluten has been found guilty on all accounts, not just wheat as I had hoped. Thankfully, dairy is ok – fancy organic cheeses here I come!

As a budding nutritionist, this has been a fascinating experience for me. First-hand accounts are always more interesting than reading about something. Seriously, food teaches something to me everyday.

So in celebration of all things gluten-free and that summer has FINALLY arrived in Ottawa, I will spend my evening baking these... with none other than coconut flour!

Courtesy of Elana's Pantry and Joy the Baker

Gotta love the amazing food bloggers out there for inspiration for maybe not a gluten-free diet, but most definitely a less-gluten diet!


  1. Glad to hear that you've figured it out :)

  2. Ok, so it's 27 degrees in the house today. Turning an oven on is pretty counterproductive, so another day for the cupcakes. But they will get made!

  3. Almond meal is also good to mix with your flour substitutes I hear! You can buy it in bulk food stores.

  4. Oh yeah! I know all about almond flour too! :)