Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Life without gluten and dairy

Last week, I visited a naturopath for the first time. I should have done it long ago, but alas last week it was. My initial complaint was that I was having allergic reactions indoors, mostly at work and I wanted to get to the bottom of it instead of popping over-the-counter antihistamines. That's what I like about naturopathy, it seeks out the root cause instead of treating symptoms – something that my nutrition program is teaching me as well. So seeking help from a naturopath was my first option.

During my first appointment we talked for at least an hour and of course that uncovered other issues as well that may or may not be linked to my reactions. So apart from doing an blood allergy test for grasses, molds and indoor allergens, I agreed to do a mini elimination diet. Since Monday, I've been gluten- and dairy-free.


Dairy-free isn't a huge thing. I never drink milk any more (I've switched completely to almond milk with GMO-free soy milk every now and again), I usually bake and cook more with yogourt than I actually eat straight. So butter and cheese are the only things I have to watch out for.

As for gluten, well that's more of a challenge, because wheat is in everything! Reading labels has become an everyday activity. I also follow some great nutrition blogs that have all kinds of gluten-free or easy to change to gluten-free recipes. The key is to eat real, whole foods, and then there is no label to read! The real test will be my first dinner out on Friday night. Luckily it's Thai, which is based around rice and rice noodles, fingers crossed that I'll find something tasty!


  1. M-A's sister has celiac so we are getting used to being gluten free around her. Be careful when you go to the resto, it could be in the sauces... You're good! I don't know how you do it!

  2. Yeah so much celiac in my family too (9 people) it's hard to keep track of it all. There is gluten in most soy sauces and most peanut sauces or cream based soups for thickening. Some will use cornstarch luckily though. I am praying to never have to go gluten free despite the fact that I'm already suffering from malabsorption issues. Good luck Rae Moon!!!

  3. So far I'm doing quite well. Tonight Yash made dinner. Pasta primavera believe it or not! Yummy rice noodles (fettuccine) with lots of veggies and organic chicken in a coconut milk sauce. YUM - No exaggeration!

  4. Sounds great, Rae. I`ve been tempted to go to a naturath for a long time...think I'll just do it!

    I was wondering if you had a healthy cupcake frosting recipe? And for that matter, a healthy cupcake recipe as well? I'm trying to break Emma of her chocolate cupcake addiction. :P