Monday, January 9, 2012

No more excuses!

Well 2012 just started and already I feel in a rut. Generally, I like order and organization in my life -- all parts of my life. Since the Christmas break, I haven't been to the gym because in order to get myself to the gym, I need to plan -- spur of the moment trips will just never happen. In addition, I do group exercise classes pretty exclusively. I find it motivates me, I'm stuck there for an hour and I end up having a "good" workout. So if you're following me here, you'll notice that schedules (mine and the gym's) need to align and I haven't been making that work.

Lucky for me, the gym I attend has the most classes of any gym I've ever come across. This is perfect. Now to just get there...

I have this grand idea in my head. To execute it, however, will take A LOT. You see a bunch of classes start at 6am. In fact I could do a class a day at 6am and get cardio, strength, yoga in during the week -- a little bit of everything, which in turn would be awesome for the bod! I love it!

The downside, you probably already noted: six freaking a.m. I am so not a morning person... I want to be, but ever since I was a wee child I've had the worst time getting up. My mother used to threaten to pour water on me when I was a teenager, now I just ignore my alarm clock and then when the time comes that I know I'll be late for work, I just swear at the clock (and myself) and get up, begrudgingly.

Now my hate for mornings has nothing to do with not getting enough sleep, I easily get my 8 hours per night (sometimes more). So what's my issue? I have said for the longest time that the worst part of my day is the moment that my body goes from horizontal to vertical, i.e., getting out of bed. It's awful.

But getting the gym out of the way first thing in the morning, starting my day with a great adrenaline rush and having time to get ready at home afterwards (gym is only max 5 minutes away) is all very enticing.

I love the idea. Execution is the problem. But as Meghan says, no more excuse-itis. I've got to give it a try.

But ideas on getting my a$$ out of bed and into gear are more than welcome and appreciated!

Update: I followed through on my plan and it was great!


  1. ideas here! I would love to do the am gym thing too but have the same problems as you!