Sunday, January 29, 2012

Gluten intolorant or a gut in need of healing?

I've always been pretty in tune with my body. My chiropractor knows this. I can usually tell her what needs adjusting before she even looks at me. But in the last year or so and especially since going gluten-free, I've been much more in tune with my digestion and my gut.

So back in May, I went on a mini-elimination diet to see if I could pinpoint what was making my tummy not-so happy. And I found it - the ever guilty gluten! And since that time, I've been gluten-free.

Until recently...

A couple weeks ago I went to a sushi restaurant and I usually bring my own soya sauce, because the normal stuff is laden with wheat. Side note: more and more restos I've frequented recently are offering GF soy sauce now! I could have went without but said to myself, oh well, I'll just deal with the effects for a day or so. But those effects never really came...

And then last night, I was helping my BF make a version of my mom's amazing meat pies that he fell in love with at Christmas. We used a biscuit dough to make the crust and there was a little bit left after the pies were made so I just shaped them into a few biscuits and threw them in the oven too. When they came out, well I couldn't help it. Warm homemade biscuits! Are you kidding me? Thoughts of my childhood came flooding back and I HAD TO HAVE ONE! So I did. Laden with butter, like they should be consumed. Again with the thought, that I would deal with the effects, but this was too good to pass up and it was only one. Twenty-four hours later, nothing - which would never have happened six or even three months ago.

This has lead me to believe that what I was really in need of was a period of healing. My gut needed a good long break to heal and now it can tolerate some wheat again (although my trials included a very limited amount).

Does this mean I'm going to start eating pizzas, pasta, and sandwiches again? No, because obviously my body couldn't handle it in great quantities and I do believe that an abundance of wheat and grains isn't great for the body anyway.  It is, however, interesting to find out that I can handle a bit, now that I've obviously healed my intestinal lining.

I find this all quite fascinating. And I stress once again what you can really learn about yourself by simply listening (closely!) and following your body's instructions! The human body is such an amazing piece of work - so treat it well!


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  2. That's really good to hear. Because wheat sneaks its way into so many things, it's hard to always avoid it, especially if you want to eat out occasionally!