Friday, February 11, 2011

Holy Crap!

I'm a big fan of the show Dragons' Den on the good ole CBC. Last year the Dragons heard a pitch from a small company in British Columbia that sold a healthy breakfast cereal. The company = HapiFoods Group. The product = Holy Crap.

The Dragons loved it and bought into the company.

Recently my boss, another Dragon's fan, was talking about it at work. She had ordered some a while ago but recently ran out. So we decided to share an order. If you order 6 bags or more, the shipping is free – so we split and bought 3 each.

I had my first taste this morning. It tastes amazing! So delicious and chock full of goodness in the form of dried fruit, hemp hearts, chia seeds, buckwheat and cinnamon (that's it folks, that's all the ingredients!). The directions say to add one tablespoon to some yogurt or two tablespoons to some type of milk. I added it to my overnight oats and it added a wonderful sweet nutty flavour. So, so good. Tomorrow I'm going to try it on it's own.

Oh, and it's named Holy Crap for a reason... hemp hearts will make you regular... :)

You can order it via their site or recently I was in Rainbow Foods in Ottawa's west end and found it there in the granola/cereal aisle! By buying 6 bags directly from the company I paid $10.95 per bag. Rainbow's price, if I remember correctly, was $11 and change. However, to save from buying in bulk and waiting two weeks for it to arrive by post, it might be worth it to buy it at Rainbow.

P.S. Sorry about all the food posts lately, but that's what's on my mind!! Good, healthy, fresh food! Yum!

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