Friday, February 4, 2011

Me and my Amberlina

Do you have a friend that you can't remember your life without? I have one. She's my Amburger. We met on the playground in grade one, or maybe we met in playing in the neighbourhood. I can't remember because I was only a 5 year-old a the time. That's right, Bambs and I have been friends for 25 years! And while we don't hang out on the playground anymore, nor do we live 3 houses away from each other, she's still my bestie and always will be.

I've lived in Ottawa since the 2002/2003 time period. Up until late 2009, I would always get to see her when I went to PEI. However, in 2009 she took up and moved her life out to Calgary – and I haven't seen her since October 3, 2009! That's a really long time! So I'm thrilled that she will be my date to my witness my lil brother get married in just over two weeks from now in the sunny, sunny Mayan Riviera.

My smart, funny, lucky-to-have-him-as-my-brother brother is getting married to an amazing, equally-smart, lovely woman and members of my family are all going to be together beaching and partying for a week together in the sun, but in all honesty, I'm most looking forward to hanging out with Amber.

Love you and miss you!

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