Thursday, January 27, 2011

My favourite wellness and nutrition blogs

Recently I've come across some excellent blogs that deal with nutrition and wellness. I find them to be inspiring and chock full of great ideas and recipes. If you're interested, take a peek!

Oh She Glows
I only found this site yesterday, but I'm in love. Angela is so inspiring and has a great ideas and recipes. Her recipes are all vegan, but if you're not vegan (like me), you won't care! She claims to have a sweet tooth so there is lots of dessert-y stuff.

Making Love in the Kitchen
Megan is passionate about food and living a healthy lifestyle. I find her writing to be quirky, but I enjoy it very much. She's made me think a lot about how I live my life from her daily entries.

Whole Story
This blog is by Whole Foods, the American natural food chain. Makes me wish we had one in Ottawa... I heard rumors that there might be one going in with the Landsdowne revamp – but that will be many years in the future at the rate it's going. We are lucky enough to have lots of independent natural food stores that I'd rather support anyway. This blog includes great ideas for entertaining and lots of recipes too!

Elana's Pantry
Amazing gluten-free recipes. I've been lucky enough so far to tolerate gluten, but my god, even if I couldn't I think life would be just fine so long as I have access to Elana's site! Mmm, mmm, goodness.

Jamie's Nourishing Bites 
Jamie is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist in the Greater Toronto Area. Her postings aren't daily, but she has really simple good ideas to make everyday recipes that much more full of goodness.

I hope you find some inspiration to make your everyday meals even more nutritious!

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