Thursday, January 20, 2011

New things - Received!

So the purchases I ordered on the weekend are here! That's some super-duper shipping in my mind.

The Chapters-Indigo order arrived on Tuesday. Given the stellar online prices I think I'll be ordering all my books online from now on. The Gordon Ramsay cookbook looks like it has some great recipes for sure. Lots of flavour, which will make the bf happy. And the book by Dr. Joey is very inspiring, can't wait to put it into practice when I've finished.

And the Lands' End arrived yesterday (Wednesday). Three days for an order from the good ole U-S of A. Maybe this isn't as impressive as I find it to be. But given that when I mail something to good ole PEI it takes a minimum of a week. So you'll understand my excitement over 2-3 days. But that's not the best part, the best part is that they bathing suits fit! And I don't have the easiest body to conform to, but I followed the sizing chart very closely and it worked!


  1. Lucky you Rae, I don't fit into my bathing suit...with only 3 weeks to go I suppose I should buy a new one but can't find a cheap one that will look good!

    You should buy an ereader! I think I save a lot buying kindle books as opposed to the paper ones, but I am taking paper books to Mexico for fear of the kindle getting stolen!

  2. I like the idea of an ereader for books I read for pleasure, but these books were reference books, which I much prefer in hard copy.

    You'll find something to wear! worry not my friend.