Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finding passions

So for the last few weeks, but really for the last few years, I've been thinking that I'm working in a field that doesn't energize and excite me. I wrote a little more about how I got to this point last week. But after some serious thinking and talking to a few people I trust completely, my plan is to enroll in the Registered Holistic Nutrition program at the Canada School for Natural Nutrition.

I know what you're thinking. What? Holy crap Raeanne, that seems totally out of left-field. But, actually if you know me well enough, it isn't so out in left-field and actually much closer to my heart. It actually fits quite well with my personality traits where I would be best-suited to be an educator or help people in some way. Over the last ten years I've become increasingly interested in holistic health practices to prevent and cure long term disease and food allergies/intolerance. Recently I've read stories about people who have cured themselves of digestive disorders through what they put into their mouths. I find this incredibly fascinating.

So with some Google searches and some testimonials from recent grads, I found the Canada School of Natural Nutrition which has schools all across the country, including one in Ottawa. However, they also offer distance education. The program is either one year or two depending on how much time you have, I suppose. So now the only decision I have to make is whether to do distance ed (which I've heard good reviews) or whether I'd want to go to school in person one evening per week. I guess I have to decide what learning style best fits me. If all goes as planned I hope to begin my studies in March, part-time while continuing to work at my full-time job.

I can't express how pumped I am about all this. I hope that I have found my passion.


  1. How exciting - and how cool! Good luck!

  2. Yay! Sounds great! You don't need me to wish you luck, I know you will do great regardless.

  3. What? Holy crap Raeanne, that seems totally out of left-field.

  4. Aww, Rae, that is fantastic! I am so glad you've found something that excites you. Few of us are brave enough to take a new path, and I'm so proud of you!!