Monday, March 7, 2011

Cleaning out the pipes

Earlier this year I picked up Dr. Joey Shulman's book The Natural Makeover Diet. In it, she recommends starting a weight loss plan with a 5-day cleanse. After I read the book I knew that I was going to be going to Mexico to pig out and drink for week, so I thought it would be best to do the cleanse right after the trip. And so today it began! And it's not so bad.

The rules are pretty simple:
  1. No grains (bread, pasta, rice, couscous, etc)
  2. No red meat
  3. No dairy
  4. No refined or white sugar
  5. I have to increase my intake of phytonutrient-rich foods (simply put, bright and colourful veggies, especially the green ones)
  6. I have to take probiotic pills (I take it in powder form) 3 times a day with my meals.
  7. I have to eat one tablespoon of ground flax seed per day, although I'm trying to have two, one in the morning and one in the evening.
  8. I have to drink at least 8 cups of water or herbal tea per day. I try to do this already everyday anyway. The only thing I have to watch is during the cleanse I'm only allowed one cup of green tea per day.

So it seems like a lot, but it's not really. I'm sure you wondering what on earth I ate today. Well, here's my food diary. I will note that the book gives you lots of ideas for meals, so I'm using that as a guide as well.

Protein shake (protein powder, soy milk, fresh squeezed orange juice, flax seed oil, frozen strawberries, frozen banana bits, ground flax seed)

Split pea soup. I've made this before and it was easy to adapt to the cleanse. All I had to do was swith out the potatoes for some parsnips. I whipped it up quickly last night and it made several servings that I can use throughout the week. The ingredient list included: onions, celery, carrots, garlic, vegetable broth, yellow and green split peas, parsnips, salt and pepper. Easy-peasy!

Carrots with homemade hummus. I've recently realized how easy it is to make hummus. With a food processor it literally takes two minutes. And YUM!

Stir-fried chicken (3 oz) with lots of zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms and onions and a little teriyaki sauce. For something sweet following dinner, I wanted to incorporate another tablespoon of flax seeds. So I mixed the ground flax with some almond butter and had it with a couple of frozen banana bits (slightly softened). Frozen banana, slightly softened (microwave for just a few seconds), tastes oh so creamy, kind of like ice cream. Yum!

I'm also drinking a detox tea each morning and before bed. This isn't in the book but something I added following a recommendation from a friend who has done numerous cleanses.

See, not so bad, right? Four more days of this. I can do it!!

Here's to a healthy and happy digestive system!

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