Sunday, December 12, 2010

Approaching 30

There are currently 25 days until I turn 30 and while turning 30 doesn't bother me at all, I feel like it's an important milestone worth acknowledging, if not celebrating.

So, to help me acknowledge this milestone, I've decided to set some goals for let's say the next year – and hopefully beyond!

First, for my health:
  • Floss everyday! Even though I know how important this is, I'm terrible at doing this regularly. I can manage a couple times a week, but this has to become a regular routine. I've never had any problems with my teeth before, not even a single cavity, but I may not be afforded this luxury forever.
  • Take my vitamins and supplements regularly. I've been taking a host of vitamins and supplements for years now. I used to joke that I took more pills than my grandmother. Well my hope is to stay on the vitamin variety and to keep off the prescription variety for a very long time. So I need to be more prescriptive (pardon the pun) about taking them daily, including weekends, which are currently my downfall.
  • Continue my gym regiment. I've been pretty good lately at this, so it needs to continue into the new year as well.
Next, for my brains:
  • I need to read more! Much more. Reading has never been part of my regular daily activity. In fact I can read the same book for 6 months because that's how infrequently I'll pick up a book. Mind you I get nauseous quite easily when I read on the bus or anything moving. I could consider that an excuse, but the point of this is not to point to excuses but to focus on the future. I currently have 4-5 books on my nightstand. Must get through them! Reading has been a big part of the bf's life, and his knowledge from simply what he has read (which is a lot) just astounds me! I know I'll never be able to read as much as he has, but I can definitely aim to read more.
Ok that's only 4 things. I think I can handle that.

I guess this blog is another outlet for this milestone. I find myself reading a lot of blogs and figured this is the time for me too. It feels right. I need this creative outlet. I hope you keep with me!

Here's to a healthy and smart start to my 30s!


  1. Gosh, 30 seems so long ago ... good luck with your objectives!

  2. Would you believe the day we met was one day after my 21st birthday?