Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Organic groceries - Delivered!

For those of you in Ottawa, I found this little gem of a business quite a few months ago, but only started using it about 6-8 weeks ago. Ottawa Organics & Natural Food is a grocery delivery service that offers largely organic produce but they also carry organic dairy, baked good and some other grocery items.

I'm currently receiving the small fruit and vegetable box (a variety of fruits and vegetables), a dozen eggs, a litre of milk and a loaf of bread every two weeks. The quality is fantastic! They source local foods before importing and they let you know what is local (100 miles), regional (Ontario/Quebec outside the 100 miles), and imported from outside Ontario or Quebec (rest of Canada and other countries).

Receiving certain fruits and/or vegetables that you wouldn't normally buy on a regular basis has forced us to be creative with our meals, which has been great! A nice little touch is that they include a one-page newsletter-type flyer in each delivery. Included, among other things, are recipes for some of the produce included in the box. For example, last week we received a bag of Belgian endives. Instead of having to look up a recipe online or in my cookbooks, I looked no further than the flyer to find 3 different ways to prepare them.

The best thing is, I order from my computer and it's delivered to my door! Mind you, I still have to make trips to the grocery store for a few other items, but we really try and base our meals on what is included in the veggie box. The level of customer service has also been excellent. The owner, Matt, has also been very quick in responding to my requests.

We won't be receiving our box this week because we'll be away for the holidays and won't have a chance to eat all the goodies before they spoil, but I'll post a photo of our next box, which will arrive in the new year.

A great business success. Check it out!

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