Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas baking

I love to bake. Especially at Christmas. These are some treat a few friends received today or will receive in the next day or two...

Mini carrot cakes with loads of cream cheese icing. I tasted the icing, it's good. I have 3 mini bundt cake pans. They are fantastic, as you can make 3 mini cakes with one recipe. So this is only 2 batches! (I forgot to take photos before I wrapped them up for delivery. Excuse the toothpicks and plastic wrap.)

Also made some yummy peanut butter balls. I can also attest to them turning out just fine...

And finally, I made 2 3 pumpkin rolls. I might have made one two of these just for us!

Hope those who receive enjoy! I enjoyed making them!


  1. I haven't done ANY Christmas baking yet. Maybe I'll get in the mood once I'm on vacation ...

  2. It all looks very yummy, rae!!!!!